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Posted By: Burke
15-Jan-01 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: Origins: O Come All Ye Faithful
Subject: RE: Help: O Come All Ye Faithful
For all you who can't get the version from the Lutheran Hymnal to scan, I'll just say you'll have to take my word for it. I've done since a child, so for me there's no problem. I think the key is that the slurs come in different places in the different versions, but I don't really have the time to sit down & do the comparisons. Maybe if you listen to the midi it will make sense.

Liland, I did know it wasn't you who asked, I just started combining all my comments. The hymnal I was referring to is the one used by the Missouri Synod Lutherans. It is just called The Lutheran Hymnal. It was published in the 1940's & some churches still use it. It's a good source for German chorales but weak on anything really American in origin, except for a few Lowell Mason hymns. Follow my link for the texts

Looking at other hymnals, I can only say there were a whole lot of variants on the translations used until early in the 20th cent. the Oakeley seems to have won out.

Foundation is called Bellevue in The Sacred Harp & is an American Folk hymn. It's 1844 arrangement is attributed to Z. Chambless. A fair number of southern based churches picked up the shape note tunes & rearranged them in the early part of this century. Not so much shape note aware, as popular hymn tunes still in use. If you want to find early non-shape versions try to find Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptists in their southern branches as well as 7th day Adventist and Church of Christ. I have a Church of Christ hymnal from the 30's that has both Foundation & Adestes Fideles with How firm a foundation. I found both the Episcopal and Lutheran hymnals of the 1940's used completely different tunes. Episcopal used Lyons & The Lutheran Hymnal one that may have been composed for it as it's dated 1930's by someone with a German name.