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19-Nov-15 - 07:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK Ministers to get their own aeroplane
Subject: RE: BS: UK Ministers to get their own aeroplane
Ministers travel EuroStar to Brussells.

The billions in costs you actually mean when advocating leaving The EU? You could give every junior minister a Learjet and still be quids in by remaining, as we will, in Europe. It's about the only thing I agree with Cameron on.

Chartering or this aircraft is, after the hoo ha over having an airforce 1 to show off, still better than any alternative. If I had been on the RyanAir flight when Cameron was on one to join his family on holiday, I would be nervous. Sadly, our politicians are prime terrorist targets, so sharing a flight with them isn't always ideal.

That said, I was sat across from Blair on a BA flight to JFK a few years ago. I actually wish he had been in First Class because people were brushing by me all the bloody time to feed him paperwork. I paid top dough to treat myself to business class and I reckon it would have been quieter in cattle class.