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23-Nov-15 - 05:20 PM
Thread Name: Lignatone Czechoslovakian antique guitar
Subject: RE: Lignatone Czechoslovakian antique guitar
I have just bought a Czech Vittoro 531, with 2 strings missing, from a local charity shop in Edinburgh for £5 sterling. Boosey & Hawkes distributed them and this is noted on the inside label. It's probably worth no more than I paid for it but I enjoy a challenge and this one needs a lot of work - nut, bridge, saddle and fretboard are all worn or damaged in some way and the string holes on the bridge look as though it's been steel strung at some point. The D'Addarios I've bought to string it cost more than the guitar, but I like the the thinline 3/4 body with a full scale neck [Approx Gibson-style 23.75", maybe a bit less]. One indication that it's not a high quality guitar is that the machine heads are a single assembly and the tuners can't be taken apart because, instead of a bolt through the gear wheel, there's a fixed rivet. If I can't loosen each tuner enough to strip and clean, the major expense will be new machine heads. Otherwise a bargain project guitar.