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Thread Name: Inti-Illimani: one has become two
Subject: RE: Inti-Illimani: one has become two
From "La cancion en el sombrero," original in Spanish, my poor translation into English, all errors my fault. Begins with the chapter "El Des-exilio," starting on page 195.

It was more or less the ground of our life as a band, that from the beginning of Inti-Illimani the members arranged themselves into a structure divided into two camps. I would say: one camp of "professional musicians," cultivating this conscience and necessity of arriving at and maintaining this standard of excellence, taking an active part, musically creative, offering propositions. And the other camp, passive, submissive, conspicuous in the absence of any creative ideas from themselves toward the group, and definitely detaching and distancing themselves from the work and discipline of overcoming their musical and technical deficiencies through study and perfectionism. And, behind this irritating facade that this camp presented to the group as a whole, who knows, if there did not exist an awareness, a consciousness, silent and bitter, that it would be of no use to even try to improve themselves as musicians, as the first camp always tried to.... This passive camp, instead, could wait with fixed, infinite patience for the others to submit their good ideas.

(skipping a paragraph here. Resume, page 196.)
I heard that Jorge Coulon said: "Horacio Salinas confused the band with his own personal career projects." This could sound like an accusation; but to me, it reads like an elegy. The strange thing is, that after all our long life together, all these decades, I recognize that that is exactly the way it was. I cannot deny it. For if I had not done thus, as a member of the band, I could not have been a member of the band in the first place, I could not have functioned musically there, otherwise. But not only in music, but also in love. The truth is, either I commit all the way in involvement, or I do not commit at all. But why is it so terrible that I am confused in this way? Was it not precisely because of this engagement of my whole self that I was driven to explore ideas, to create, to do what had to be done in order to compensate for my fellow companeros in the group to whom, for days, months, years, no ideas occurred to them?

page 197: We experienced this as a division, a separation, a divorce....[end of chapter]

The speaker/author is Horacio Salinas, for decades the musical director of Inti-Illimani, and now the musical director of 'Inti-Illimani Historico.'