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Posted By: GUEST,Jennifer Kreger
29-Nov-15 - 12:54 AM
Thread Name: Camp New Harmony: 2015-16 Workshop signup
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony-2015-16 Workshop signup
Hi again! I would like to host the following sharing circles in Ruben's house:
Wed 3 PM Easy-to-Join Songs (can be call and response, or have just one line that changes each verse, or short verses and lots of repetitions of chorus)
Thurs 3 PM Songs of Winter Celebrations (I have Hanukah and Solstice and adapted Xmas, feel free to bring more of those or Kwanzaa or Christmas or Diwali or New Year etc.)
Friday 3 PM if I can find a co-host: Malvina Reynolds/Sam Hinton songs.
Also sometime if I can find a co-host: support group for songwriters with half-baked songs.
I look forward to seeing you!

Easy to Join: Wed 11-12, Ruben's House
Winter Celebrations: Thurs 3-4 PM, Ruben's House
Malvina/Hinton: Friday 2 PM, Ruben's House [if you can't find a co-host, ask me]
Dec 11:
Hi Joe! Thanks for doing hthis complex job!
I think it's fine and good not to give all the same slots to one person. However I need to fine tune your shuffling of my workshops a bit, it I may.
(1) On Wednesday, I might not arrive until lunchtime. Perhaps Easy-to-Join songs could be in Carpeted Room at 2? (I would like to attend Train and River songs.)
(2) on Thursday, I really want to go to Madge's Balkan songs class, as I mentioned before I distracted you with other questions. Do you think Songs of Winter Celebrations should move to 5 PM?
(3) I found a co-host for the Sam and Malvina workshop for Friday at 11. His name is Wade Gray.
Have a sweet couple of weeks!