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02-Dec-15 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: Cold Pizza For Breakfast - update?
Subject: RE: Cold Pizza For Breakfast - update?
The FIRST version Christine did was about poor Herman. The SECOND version she did was called "Cold Pizza For Breakfast Redux". It featured brand new FULLY UP TO DATE cultural references in the bridge...that were based around Oprah Winfrey's weight loss.

So. Um. Yeah. I *guess* that's still kind of vaguely topical, but...

(Here's the Oprah version on youtube:

Cold Pizza Redux

I think it's time for a THIRD version of that topical bridge. so I wrote my own. I picture it as an argument over what constitutes a healthy and reasonable breakfast. Here's mine:

"Some say that Soylent is healthy and clean
If you like powder that's tasteless and green
The dough is full of carbs, and cheese is full of grease
You could try heating it first, but I'm just eating it
The worst part of pizza is when it's all gone
There was a price in the pounds I've put on
I'll lose it back next week - I might try Paleo
But a pizza-less diet's sure to...faileo"

So eat pizza for breakfast...

I'll likely include this in my set next month at gafilk.

-Glen Raphael (