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19-Dec-15 - 09:36 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's FBI File
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's FBI File
That should be read by any- and everyone who thinks human rights are something that just happen and don't have to be fought for. What the Republicans are doing now is from the same playbook. I am likely the only left-winger on this site who hopes Trump wins the nomination. I hope so because he will not win the federal election and he will single-handedly bring about the collapse of the GOP if he wins the GOP nomination. Moderate Republican voters would stay away from the voting booths or vote non-Republican in the general election. Sanders, if he has the intelligence he's demonstrated loudly and clearly, could then run as an Independent (yes, I'm aware he's said he would not do so) and force Clinton further to the 'left' thus bringing about a really needed adjustment to the American political landscape. YMMV, and I expect it will, but so what? The USA once led the world in the protection of human rights. It ceased to do so under GWB. Time to take your proud history back. Woody said it and so did Pete. What are you waiting for? Do it now or lose it all. Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on. A world awaits your choice, and freedom itself depends on that choice.

Sorry, EBarnacle, if you feel I've side-tracked your thread. If the administration thinks I have then delete my post. There will be no hard feelings from me.