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30-Dec-15 - 05:15 PM
Thread Name: a folk song with lots of incarnations
Subject: RE: a folk song with lots of incarnations
Hi, its Emmie here. Many apologies for my absence! Lots of festivities going on in my house with son and partner having birthdays! Anyway, to clarify further I am looking for one traditional song that has been performed by several different artists. I would like the song to have recognisably the samish melody and lyrics but to have been recorded in a wide range of styles perhaps ranging from punk to bluegrass to rock something like that and ideally something that has had a reasonably recent interpretation that sounds quite contemporary. The project is for EFDSS and I will be teaching some teenagers with SEN. We will probably look at a few versions of one song and then do our own interpretation. We will have access to the library at Cecil Sharpe House. I will be using resources such as ipads to make music as well as more traditional instruments.

I have really enjoyed reading posts on this thread and found your post very interesting Jim in regards to the unfortunate rake and all the songs that have evolved from it both for women and men!

I am going to have a think about the Barbara Allen song as this had occurred to me also. It was one of the songs that people were invited to sing a version of for the Cecil Sharpe collection on radio 2. I loved the version that stick in the wheel did of the song! Me and my singing partner Aimee did a version of Claudy Banks!