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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
04-Jan-16 - 11:40 AM
Thread Name: to get started
Subject: RE: to get started
I love yodeling, and I even do it sometimes. (Yes, I know this is an old thread. But it could have a new hopeful reading it. )

1. Go on YouTube, enter "yodel" in the search box, and make a listener's journey, listening to all types of yodeling. You will find that yodeling can be slow or fast, funny or reverent, fancy or smooth. You don't have to have 'a break.'

2. Now try some yodeling. Make up your syllables ahead of time.   

3. Yodeling is just fancy singing, fancier even than opera. Put in big jumps. Make some syllables fast and some long. Collect ideas from yodelers you have heard.

4. German (among other languages) has a feature that makes yodeling seem especially exotic to our ears. That feature is the "umlaut," , which is shown by two dots over the vowel. Some people call these "round vowels."

Here's an example: start saying ee, then round your lips but continue to say ee. You have just said long u with two dots over it.

However, this vowels are characteristic of languages other than English, and you don't have to do them to be a true yodeler. (There are dialects of English which use them, but I won't get into that right now.)

5. Here are the two songs that I yodel on while cleaning up the kitchen. I learned them both in grade school, and I bet you can find them on the Internet.

a. Oh I go to Peter's fountain and what do I hear?
    From the misty swamp far away, cuckoo calling so clear.

b. Down the mountainside doth a streamlet glide
    Where the willow weeps and the chamois leaps