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Posted By: TheSnail
13-Jan-16 - 06:44 AM
Thread Name: Can the famous give a shout to Folk Club
Subject: RE: Can the famous give a shout to Folk Club
How about yourself Snail - do you have any? [positive suggestions]

The basic premise of this thread seems to be a good one but , not being famous, I can't directly help. I don't know of any unfriendly clubs so I have nothing to offer there either.

In the meantime, as someone who helps to run a club, I arrange about three quarters of the programme, keep the accounts, maintain the website, help put out the chairs and do my turn as MC or on the door. Another member of the committee does the remainder of the programme including our all-day workshop series, handles the Facebook publicity and creates and distributes the flyers and posters. Several of us also run free public tune and/or song sessions and a couple of out of the public eye practice sessions. I think most of the committee are in a carol choir that performs at various venues over the Christmas period including churches and historic buildings. It's hard work but we do it for the love of the music and the friends we make along the way, both performers and audience (often the same people).

When I get told that clubs are introspective, unfriendly, unwelcoming and, worst of all, OLD, I get a bit hacked off.

to give a blanket suggestion is quite likely to end in disappointment
quite likely! Thanks a bunch Ian.