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Posted By: GUEST,Martin from Germany
16-Jan-16 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Filipino Maid (Vin Garbutt)
Subject: Lyr Add: FILIPINO MAID (Vin Garbutt)
Vin Garbutt

Marilyn sleeps in the washroom
In a nice cosy bed by the washing machine
Observing the world from her flip flops
And serving up soup in a silver tureen

CHORUS: She sends her money home to Mindanao.
How she affords a smile like that I really don't know how

She'll rise at five from her chamber
In a nice cosy bed by the washing machine
In the suds on the floor of a stranger
She's sailing away to the Philippines. CHORUS

At noon she's grooming the carpet
With a modern machine that beats as it cleans
Sounds like the jet of an airplane
Flying he home to the Philippines. CHORUS

It's three o'clock and she's yearning
For her nice cosy bed by the washing machine
But it's little money she's earning
She must move on, get another place clean. CHORUS

There' no self pity in Marilyn
A problem halved is a problem shared
With a thousand Filipina maids on Sunday a Statue square

Ah, Marilyn's scurring , grafting
Till seven o'clock and the sun gone down
A jasmine breeze is a-wafting
Round the snap of a child in a Philippine town. CHORUS

She sends her money home to Mindanao