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Posted By: GUEST,DaveRo
17-Jan-16 - 02:07 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
Subject: RE: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
Mr Red wrote: Not Available for FireFox 34
It needs Firefox 38 or later. I don't know what version of chrome it needs; I don't know much about chrome - I don't use it and this is the first chrome extension I've written. Firefox is changing to chrome-compatible addons, called 'webextensions', and I'm trying them out.

GUEST,ripov wrote: I'm set up to delete everything on browser exit, and then run ccleaner at boot.
Whether the addon will work for you depends on what 'everything' encompasses. If you clear the browser's 'local storage' - aka 'HTML5 storage' - it won't work. I don't know how Chrome handles this storage, or ccleaner.

It doesn't use or affect cookies. My intention is that the username feature only works for guest posts. If the 'From' field is blank it fills it in for you. If you have a cookie I assume it will have no effect but I don't know. Does it work like that?

Joe Offer wrote: the Mudcat extensions work off and on for me now on Google Chrome 47. I have to log out and log in again, and then they work for a time.
Do you mean log out and in from Mudcat?

I've not used it on Chrome on Windows - I don't have it - only Chromium on Linux. Does it work for anyone on Chrome on Windows? Is it the same in Firefox Joe?

And I've only used it as a guest. Maybe the 'signed in' screens are more different than I assumed. Does it work for anyone when signed in?

It should only affect two screens - the index of threads, where changed threads should be in italics - and the thread page which should jump to the first new post and also show the green 'buttons'. If either of those screens is different between signed in and guest then it might well not work. Does the 'moderator version' have extra stuff on those screens? (In technical terms the page code has few CSS selectors, so it has to count the elements - the tables and rows. An additional block might well screw it up.)