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Posted By: Mr Red
17-Jan-16 - 04:09 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
Subject: RE: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
Is there an extension that filters out all GUEST posts and makes the BS section vanish? LOL

But I'm sorry, I cannot warm to the notion, this is a narrow focus forum, with a wide interpretation of "narrow". The angrynista reflect real life, and always have been around us - it makes it Folk!

I may try "Mudcat Browser Tools" on FF 43 (and rising) but running 2 versions of FF at the same time is not advisable, all my cookies default to a confused mishmash. There is the remote possibility that DaveRo will have to update the Addon as Mozilla updates, they seem to be doing it at about 3 monthly intervals. Best of luck Dave, be alert to updates - mate!