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Posted By: GUEST,Stan Graham
25-Jan-16 - 01:36 PM
Thread Name: Songs about Whitby??!
Subject: ADD: Whitby Harbour (Stan Graham)
I've had lots of requests for the lyrics over the years, so here they are, enjoy. I play this in DADGAD, but Martyn Wyndham-Read plays it in Dropped D, others play it in standard tuning.

Whitby Harbour

(Stan Graham)

Blow the north winds across old Whitby harbour,
Tether the boats from the oncoming storm,
Bright is the light that shines on the water,
Coal from the Tyne keeping families warm.

Ghosts of old sailors in windswept old whalers,
Finding safe harbour from Greenland's cold shores,
Young boys are racing to pull down the ribbons,
Then head for the Straights to go whaling once more.

Sailor beware the red skies of morning,
Unless you are willing a high price you'll pay,
Strong arms are waiting and all for a shilling,
King George's navy will take you away.

An old Whitby Cat she glides through the darkness,
3000 gallons lie deep in her hold,
Bound for the market and houses of Church Street,
Gin, rum and tea to be traded for gold.

Blow the north wind across old Whitby Harbour,
Captain James Cook has weathered the storms,
Young men of Whitby sailed on the Endeavour,
South to Australia and round the Cape Horn.

Build me a ship to sail across oceans, give me fair wind and I'll answer the call, further than any man ever before me south to Australia and round the Cape Horn