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Posted By: cnd
29-Jan-16 - 10:01 PM
Thread Name: Record remains misty after cleaning?
Subject: Record remains misty after cleaning?
I recently went through and cleaned several records I bought. I cleaned over 20 records the same way (which I'll describe below), but only one has this problem, and only one side of that record.

What I do is I get a soft sponge, put a touch of dish soap on the sponge, and then wet the sponge and gently rub the sponge around both surfaces of the record, and then rinse it off with fast cold water, at least twice on each side. Then I wipe off remaining soap with a damp soft towel once or twice on each side, and then dry it once or twice on each side.

This method worked very well for all 39-ish record sides except for one 78 rpm by The Harmoneers on RCA Victor. All the other ones came out clean and shiny, but only this one side remains covered in a thin layer of mist. While I was washing it the water that dripped off it into the sink was speckled with black coloring (something that also didn't happen with any of the other records). But it's just weird that one side is right and the other's not, and even the rest of the records, even though I cleaned it the same way. The record was released in 1950 (RCA Victor 21-0321), but ones I cleaned before then cleaned fine.

Does anyone know how to get it un-misty? Soon I may use some record cleaning liquid and sponge thing I got, but that's supposed to only be for secondary cleaning, ie the record is already 99% clean and you're just getting light dust off.