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Posted By: cnd
30-Jan-16 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: Record remains misty after cleaning?
Subject: RE: Record remains misty after cleaning?
I thought that could be it too, Joe, but it was made in 1950, which I'm assuming by then they used normal stuff (or normal-er). Additionally, if it had to do with the composition of the record, wouldn't both sides be misty? Also, other records from RCA Victor from a similar time period didn't have similar problems.

Thanks Joe, I've thought about that too, but the water where I live is pretty "soft"--not a whole lot of chemicals. And I do make sure to sure to use soft and lint-free towels. I would like to listen to it to see how the mistiness affects the sound, but I don't have a good 78 rpm player right now to do that.

Thanks for the help so far.