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Posted By: GUEST,Ray
31-Jan-16 - 06:54 AM
Thread Name: 60/70s guitars
Subject: RE: 60/70s guitars
Eddie - they came with a strap button on the "heel" end of the body from new - I bought one new, for £25 in around 1965.

They didn't actually have a heel as such, the neck was screwed on from the back through a damned great neck block. Mine has been as stable as anything (I've not played it for, must be, 20 years) but I've heard of the block disintegrating.

They were a perfectly playable guitar, better than most in their time insofar as you could tune them. They weren't particularly loud but the six string version + their sisters the "Eros" guitars, were ridiculously quiet.

I went on to the £37-10s Yamaha FG180 - which I sold to Arthur Wakefield for £65 after I bought a Martin D18, new, for £190. [That's inflation for you!] Arthur tripped over the 180 in his club some years later and that was the end of that!