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Posted By: Backwoodsman
08-Feb-16 - 02:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
Dude, Ebbie, the problem for us Brits is that the heavily-Right-Wing media over here is feeding us a daily diet of propaganda that The Ginger Tosser is very popular in the US, and that a large proportion of US-ians are prepared to vote for him.

Your Presidential election process is a mystery to many UK-ers, an apparently hugely-complicated circus that starts way too soon and goes on way too long, so I'm not surprised that there's a feeling here that he's The President-In-Waiting.

But I don't believe that the citizenry of US is taken in by him, or that the vast majority of US-ians are prepared to vote for a man who demonises Muslims and advocates the legalisation of torture.

I hope I'm right, I think I am.