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Posted By: Backwoodsman
09-Feb-16 - 01:12 PM
Thread Name: 1870's Martin destroyed for a movie
Subject: RE: 1870's Martin destroyed for a movie
" some of you talk such intolerant self-righteous bollocks about popular culture.
It's no good telling you to stop being so precious and silly,
it's probably too late for that.

Old guitars can be wonderful things;
and Tarantino can make exceptionally intelligent and entertaining mainstream movies.

If this antique martin has been destroyed through negligence, or even perverse wilful destruction...
that's bad, and sad....

but it aint the end of the world.............

Worse real tragedies happen every day in peoples lives.

Do try to keep it in perspective....."

Beware, PFR - I posted similar sentiments on another forum and was almost lynched. A guitar is just a guitar, no human beings were harmed in the incident, and that's the important thing AFAIC.