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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
10-Feb-16 - 03:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
OK, Greggie, your post was your typical 'trollie-shit'...but I'll answer it...though you probably won't 'get it'....

A some of Obama's stuff I do agree with, some I don't. My chief complaint about him, is that he lied a LOT....and that is not up for a stupid's well known.....He lied, because he has a secret agenda...or why else would you lie about all the stuff he was proposing, and ramming through?? What a whole lot of you 'so-called liberals' don't quite 'get' that Obama isn't quite the 'socialist' that you were led to believe(which I've maintained for some time, as you know), also he was more of a corporate guy, USING the liberal ideology, to curry support from the 'so-calleds', and while telling you one thing, there was a secret agenda going on with his relationship with Wall Street and the 'banksters'...that some how gets brushed aside, and that even his 'devotees' have a hard time explaining(or even believing, for that matter). Wouldn't it be interesting to see Hillary's E-mails to him, and his to her?? Wouldn't you be curious to see the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs, that she was paid $675,000 for three??
You're not even interested, before you dismiss it and try to insult those who bring it up??...because ignorance is bliss??

Now if he, Obama, isn't part of the 'establishment Democratic/Republican Party', and REALLY a come he hasn't come out and publicly, acknowledged, or endorsed Bernie Sanders, who IS an out-front socialist???? Why is everyone waiting to see if they may, or have to send out Biden??? Does he not like Sanders?? Or is Sanders a threat to Obama's act??...and therefore a threat to the whole corrupt act??? Are we waiting to see if Obama unleashes the Justice Dept. on Hillary,(depending on how she is doing in the primaries), BEFORE he, (or the 'Democrat Party'), sends, yet another candidate, into the 'election', in case the FBI refers the case for prosecution??
Hillary and Obama have each other over a barrel with this scandal, because it implicates a WHOLE LOT of people within the party, the multi-national corporations, banksters, and foreign countries..and buddies of both of them, and to whom they have more allegiance than their 'devoted believers', commonly referred to as a 'constituency'.

Shit man, I've been telling you this stuff for a LONG time now...and now it's starting to rear its nasty little head.

...and as I posted before, It is completely possible, maybe even probable, that the election may come down to Trump vs Sanders vs the 'business as usual Democrat/Republican puppet show'!...(which you gave me your shit about before)

Just a couple of things to THINK about, while you wait to jump out from under your bridge, and spout some derogatory nonsense, from your fantasized version of what you thought being 'liberal' was about.

Happy daydreams!!