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Posted By: GUEST,DaveRo
10-Feb-16 - 10:06 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
Subject: RE: Tech: Mudcat browser tools
I'm puzzled by "For a day or so I saw no change in Mudcat and then, all of a sudden, I got the Italics and the move to the new posts". As I mentioned earlier, it works with but not with or any other variation. Is it posssible that you sometimes use one, sometimes another - via different bookmarks perhaps? Can this be why it's stopped working?

Does any of it work? I would expect the green buttons below the posting box to always appear. If they don't I would suspect the URL problem, as above, or that the addon got disabled: look in tools>addons. Have you recently installed another addon that might interfere with it, perhaps a cookie- or privacy-related one?

If you get the green buttons but it doesn't italicise changed threads or scroll to new posts then I would suspect that something is stopping it using browser local storage, where it stores the numbers of the threads and posts you've read. It's possible to disable local storage, but it's not likely to happen acidentally. More common is accidentally to clear local storage - it's treated rather like cookies. Some 'privacy' and 'clean-up' programs also do that. But if so the addon would just forget what you'd already read and start again.

I can't think of any mechanism whereby a script error on a non-mudcat page could affect it. Unless in fixing that you disabled something.

I'm also using Firefox 44 on Linux. I don't get any problems with that ghacks page, though I'm running AdBlock Plus and have tracking protection on, which kills several scripts.