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10-Feb-16 - 05:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
olddude: "What does that say?"

Lighter: "Sez there were more Republicans to choose from, and maybe fewer Republicans voting."

Lighter, I pretty much agree with the latter part of your post, but the sentence, of yours, that I quoted above, is not accurate.

What it says, in answer to olddude, is that, people are NOT supporting the establishment parties. Both the front runners, whether you agree with their 'politics' or not, have the support of people reluctant to go along with the traditional party lines.

On the Democrat side, even they do NOT trust Hillary to tell the truth..which both Lighter, and I have pointed out.

On the Trump side, the Republicans have announced that they now are going to have a 'super-PAC' to stop him.....not even to endorse another candidate of theirs...just to stop him.

The OBVIOUS 600 pound gorilla in the room, is that both Sanders and Trump are getting their support, not from the 'Establishment Puppet Show' but from the regular I've pointer out a couple of posts ago, on this thread, but also on another thread.

The other thing I've pointed out, for years now, is that the bought and paid for 'party leaders', have been deceiving their respective parties with lies, hiding their secret agendas, and masking it with false pretenses of 'ideological' differences....when in reality, they are both the best politicians money can buy!!....

...and to Lighter, this went into full throttle, November 22, 1963.

JFK, was also bought off, in the election, in Chicago...with the organized crime bosses, but later decided NOT to play ball...and Bobby was going after them, and the corrupt union leaders. That being said, there were others involved....but I'm not getting into that, again, on this thread.

I believe you can go back over quite a few of my posts, for years, telling you about the 'corruption in BOTH parties'....matter of fact, click on my name above, in blue, and go to my posts...then scroll down to the bottom, and click, the grey box that says, "Posts Starting With Oldest"...and start reading the first, ummm...10 posts,, which, BTW, is under the thread name, "RE: BS: Voting for Hillary?", from when she ran against Obama the first time...8 years ago...and guess what???? Sound a bit familiar???????????????