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Posted By: Severn
16-Feb-16 - 12:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
O, Master of all empirical and Empire-acal, whose Rap Id leads us by fast thinking. While we regale ya about regalia, here's a few suggestions:

We should gale ya a first time, for a start.

We need an official Empire Umpire with a supreme quart always at his or her side, and sighed with the Emperor when someone emps it up too high.

So that you don't become an Em-poorer, we need a trusty treasurer to watch over the money supply, seeing that prosperity flows freely to all of his predicated subjects and keep any of Rap's rapacity below capacity.

All would-be anthem composers, remember that Possum, that some folks eat raw some rhymes with "awesome". If one gets them mad, it tends to cause 'em claw some with their paw some, cause they don't like folks to boss 'em. But in the end, the finished song should be superior to even anything that Walt Kelly wrote for Pogo. Being a huge Pogo fan, Bill Day should head up the Anthem Judging Committee. The winning song will be premiered by olddude playing his old oud.

Give Mrs. Rap a Tiara Del Fuego that she can wear lower down.

Rap's crown should either come from Imperial Margerine or have at one time been worn by Clifton Chenier on tour. An occasional turban to give Rap a good wrap on his noggin with a large gemstone of some sort on the front.

Shouldn't we have some different faces on the coinage than the paper money? Chongo, for one, makes a lot of them.

Whaddaya think, folks?.......