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Posted By: Eric the Viking
19-Feb-16 - 05:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Dialysis, a step into the unknown.
Subject: RE: BS: Dialysis, a step into the unknown.
Hello everyone. I am really sorry for the very long space between posts. Somehow my update around Christmas got lost (I don't understand how) and I also have just reset my cookie. Lastly I have been browsing using my ipad and I never allow cookies on that.

I have settled into the three times a week needles. Have got used to the regular failure of needle inserts, resulting in blow outs. Got used to the sudden drop in blood pressure and the effects of that !Generally though life is better on dialysis than it had become before.

I apologise to Maeve for not replying to her message, as I have only just picked it up.

I am waiting to see what the next steps are. I have had almost every check going, X-ray, Scan and Bronchoscopy of my chest and throat. All is fine so quite possibly kidney removal might take place soon. That will be an interesting moment to say the least.

Mrs Viking and I are keeping busy and cheerful. We had a great Christmas and the winter has been pretty good so far. The routine of three early mornings is easy to adjust to as I would get up early to go to earn the crust in the days I used to. I sit hooked up, chatting or listening to the radio, or watching TV. It gives me chance to get back to listening to music.

I still manage my playing and singing (for what it's worth) on a Wednesday afternoon.

Lastly the Mrs Viking is able to do her hill walking and little Miss Viking and I have given her a week break in Paris for mother's day. She is chuffed to say the least. Her and little ( Not so little now 23 yrs)Viking are off next Monday while I, Aragon the dog and Loki the cat look after the fish in the pond.