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Posted By: Donuel
22-Feb-16 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
Trump is going to win.
The Democrats will not get the vote out very well this time around..
Voter Suppression will work even more this time around with supreme court support.
Many people educated less than a Masters will vote for Trump with Enthusiasm

My brother chose to live in the rainforest for 30 years. His attitude regarding higher education is shaped by his lack of it

He is for Trump. The feeling of revenge by talented smart knuckle draggers is palpable.

We are all Dilberts now that are going to be rolled over by a boss with a crazy idea. As impossible as it sounds the silent apathetics with a racist chip on their shoulder are going to vote this time.

And they are going to vote for Trump.

The intelligentsia are going to be caught off guard. The rich Sheldon's and Kochs will see benefits of the band wagon and will be odd bed fellows with Trump. Trump won't refuse the $

This going to be the GOP's worst nightmare they never considered in their anti Hillary inspired Citizens United Supreme Court case invented primarily by Scalia.

There is such a thing as a pefect storm.