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24-Feb-16 - 01:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
I logged out to post this.

An expert opinion has be requested (no, I am NOT Amos).

The Repugnants and Demagogues are one under the guise of different ideologies and goals and they play the game well together. This ongoing dog and pony show (DPS) with Trump as the chief clown is an example par excellence. Allow me to explain. Bear with me while I jump back and forth in my hypotheses.

Sanders is a very real threat(s) to the Man Behind the Curtain (MBC... those wealthy who control policy in the USA and beyond) whether it be domestic or foreign based threats in military or environmental or whatever issues/actions which may hurt the MBC. The MBC orchestrates a DPS which has the most chance of ensuring Clinton will be elected.

How so? Where's my proof? WTF???

Look at the Repugnant candidates. Religious lunatics, incompetents, truly nasty and lying SOBs, Evil Doers who control the SCOTUS, the works. Fear is spread that an asshole will be elected because MBC has put assholes up for consideration and made sure the non-assholes got turfed early on with big $$$.

So, fear is "imposed". Fear of an asshole being elected has the best chance of ensuring a Clinton presidency.

Fear will sway a LOT of people to vote for Clinton in the end of it all. So, pay no attention to the Repugnant DPS. Pay attention to Clinton-Sanders and pay attention to the "fear". Sanders is actually ahead right now in REAL delegates and REAL popular endorsements. That's why the claws have come out... sillyass shit like "Sanders" is a one issue candidate and such. I expect it will get worse.

No, I haven't discussed all the issues that go into analyzing Clinton v Sanders but I think I did what I said I would do and that was to explain that the Repugnant DPS run by the MBC is meant to use fear as a tool in getting Sanders "not elected" SCOTUS.


P.S. The recent federal Canadian election is a fine example of the use of fear in elections.