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Posted By: Will Fly
25-Feb-16 - 04:59 AM
Thread Name: Ewan Maccoll - Atheist or Religious?
Subject: RE: Ewan Maccoll - Atheist or Religious?
Getting away from EM and going to the broader question in your post (GUEST, Mathew), is it possible to possess spirituality and be a non-religious person? Good ol' Wikpedia says:

There is no single, widely agreed definition of spirituality. Surveys of the definition of the term, as used in scholarly research, show a broad range of definitions, with very limited similitude. These range from very narrow and uni-dimensional definitions such as a personal belief in a supernatural realm to broader concepts such as a quest for an ultimate/sacred meaning, transcending the base/material aspects of life and/or a sense of awe/wonderment and reverence achieved via connection with the universe.

By this reckoning, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Richard Dawkins are spiritual in their own way.

No answer here - just food for thought.