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Posted By: Jim Carroll
25-Feb-16 - 07:38 AM
Thread Name: Ewan Maccoll - Atheist or Religious?
Subject: RE: Ewan Maccoll - Atheist or Religious?
Ewann was a humanist rather than being 'spiritual' and thet humanity was centered around working people.
He firmly believed, as Marx claimed that "religion is the opium of the people"
Some of the conversations he had with Charles Parker, who, though having embraced Marxism fully, never lost his middle-class feelings for the church and the bible, were a joy to behold.
The recording we have of Ewan, Peggy and others of the Critics Group arguing with Denis Turner, who tauh=ght in a Catholic School - is something else.
Charles's and Denis's positions were not uncommon among the left -
My grandmother was a fervent anti-Fasict socialist who despised the Church; she was arrested for throwing a stone which hit Mosley at a Blackshirt rally in Liverpool.
When arrested, she told the desk sergeant "That stone was guided by the hand of God".
Jim Carroll