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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
25-Feb-16 - 06:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
Hey, I haven't read the whole thread here. This is something I posted elsewhere, that gnu thought might be appropriate in this thread...

"DONALD Trump will sweep Super Tuesday balloting, pretty much assuring him of the Republican Nomination. At that point, he will begin a gradual drift toward the center that will continue into the convention.
At heart, he is certainly no right wing ideologue, as some are portraying him. He is a pragmatic egotist who knows that no one wins the Repub nomination without solid support from the extreme Right.
Once they have given him what he wants, the nomination, he will begin to mend fences with the party stalwarts and the big funders like the Koch brothers. His tone, manner, and language will become much more moderate as he begins selling himself to the Centerists and fiscal conservatives, who really have no other choice but to support him. You will see the statesman-like Trump, a man that will have many Republican centerists begin giving him their grudging attention.
By the time of the general election, he counts on all of his bellicose and racist rhetoric being put in the past. The job becomes, then, to paint Clinton as a corrupt liberal party-pawn, and he may have the money to do it, and to portray himself as the common sense, moderate alternative. His religious conservatives that delivered him the nomination will also find they have no alternative but to continue to support him, though the fervor will be gone.
You watch"