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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
26-Feb-16 - 12:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
Don't get me wrong. I do not think Donald Trump is in any way good for the country. His rise is a signifier of several things: Widespread frustration, dissatisfaction and anger that desires fast solutions to complex problems among the voters. The near complete conversion of the Republican Party into a pseudo-patriotic rabble. And a revelation of the electoral process as what it is becoming, a reality show with strategic product placement. The fact the Trump will change chameleon-like to whatever suits his ultimate purpose just reveals what a grand manipulator he is. His lack of any basic belief in anything beyond his own personal greatness is not something that should capture the hopes of those looking for a new birth of freedom, or even a return to the glorious and mystical past. What he is selling is a bottle labeled Hope, that in fact contain effervescent sugar-water.