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Posted By: Airymouse
26-Feb-16 - 06:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
In both parties, the party regulars (establishment) had political debts to their respective dynasties(Clinton, Bush) that were called in before the primaries began. So both the RNC and the DNC tried to smooth the way for their heirs apparent. The RNC made Florida an all-or-nothing primary, thinking Jeb! would get the most votes in his home state. Now, well on Tuesday actually, Trump will get all of Florida's delegates and that will clinch his nomination. I'm just guessing about the future of course, but Governor Christie's endorsement of Trump suggests that he shares my view. The DNC appointed Debbie Schultz as their chairman, not what you would call an unbiased choice, and it changed the rules about taking PAC money in order to give Ms. Clinton access to more funds. The scheduling of the debates was obviously designed to help her too. Moreover, the super-delegates are almost all regulars and so almost all of them are voting for Hillary. Trouble is this arrangement leaves the young voters, who overwhelmingly support Senator Sanders, and those independent voters who favor Sanders seeing the fix was in. If Trump wins, an outcome neither the RNC nor the DNC wants, part of the blame will lie at their feet.