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Posted By: GUEST,Donuel
26-Feb-16 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
You know my name but I never wanted to hare it the The Donald.

Once Trump is elected there will be the Trail of Tears II.
All the politicians who pleaded moderate and there staff will be marched out of town to the Mason Dixon line.

Already the people in Washington who actually knew how to get things done are being expelled by budget tricks and pay cuts.

There are so few knowledgeable staffers that Corporations are writing the laws of the land and this is considered normal.

Yes there are stupid regulations to prevent corrupt graft and stealing but with a Trump Presidency it will be privatization giveaway while the true honest genius government employees will be decimated AGAIN.--

Some people think that the private sector is the point of the spear of progress but it is never the case especially in the early stages

Every success claimed by the March of Dimes clinics was given to them by the NIH.

The goal of Billionaires is right out of a Bond film when they drown the embattled government in a bathtub so the rich boys can raid the cookie jar.