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Posted By: Ebbie
19-Jan-01 - 02:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: German Folk(?) song, Nu Ja Ja
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: German Folk(?) song, Nu Ja Ja
Sorcha, thanks for a good laugh! I was going along translating in my lame German until I came to your 'impact you rather in the face'! Great - and unexpected- line.

Just for the fun of it- until a German speaker comes along, here is my translation:

Rose, when will you be mine? (I don't know what 'nu' means. Maybe 'nun'? as in never? And do my will? Never, yes, yes, yes

Your will I will not do Never, yes, yes, yes I'd rather be hit in the face Never, etc...

Rose, (what's pfluck?) the Kranzelkraut Never, etc... You will be my bride! Never, etc...

Kranzelkraut, I do (blank) not Never, etc I am young and will not marry Never, etc Are you young and will not marry? Never, yes, yes, yes I am proud and I don't need you Never, yes, yes, yes

So, come on, you German readers and set us straight!