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10-Mar-16 - 02:27 PM
Thread Name: Graniale / Granuaile
Subject: RE: Graniale / Granuaile
I'm really sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere on this forum - but I'm looking for a song which I was convinced was on the Granuaile (Seán Davey/Rita Connolly) album. I can sing the entire thing from start to finish, but I can find no trace of it on the internet. Anywhere. And that's a first for me, and I think I might be going mad!

It's the opposite of a love song - where Granuaile divorces her husband Risteard an Iarainn, under the old Brehon Law by dismissing him 3 times. The first verse goes:
As a husband you are neither bad nor good,
but you please me not
With your foolish show
With your huff and puff in your iron suit
You're as heavy as a gross of cannonball
Only good for battering down a wall
And you don't know what you're at, at all, at all
And this marriage is no longer convenient.

Please Help Save My Sanity!

(And again, apologies if it's elsewhere on the forum).