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Posted By: gnu
11-Mar-16 - 07:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hey canada
Subject: RE: BS: Hey canada
And there it is. Can't, nay, don't have enough brains to start your own threads so you, instead, take over someone else's thread and completely fuck it up. What a bunch of ignorant and rude twits.

Do you guys get together and circle jerk while you figure out how to fuck up threads or are you broke-dick mamaluccas just frustrated that you can't get it up any more or actually come up with an idea for a thread on your own? Youse are fuckin pathetic.

Dan... if it's you that needs refuge, I'll sleep in the bedroom in the basement and you can have my bedroom.

You asshole trolls can sleep in the back yard in the fuckin snow. I hope you freeze you fuckin freaks.