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11-Mar-16 - 07:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hey canada
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Och, Steve, say what you really mean. Canadian cuisine is also a matter of taste, and on occasion, lack thereof. My preferred meal is filet mignon, but then there are cod cheeks (a hundred times better than scallops), and moose nose. Allow me to put forth a Canadian delicacy: Muskrat au Coin.

1) Get a muskrat and kill it.
2) Skin it 'teeth back'. That's a method of taking the pelt off the dead animal and wasting as little as possible. (Mink farms will purchase the flesh to feed their denizens.)
3) Subtly, immerse the warm dead carcass in water eminently and impenitently approaching the boil.
4) Let it cook on a furious boil for ten minutes. (I'll explain that. It doesn't mean a boil like a cyst; rather, it means real hot water.)
5) Then bring it to a simmer for six hours.
6) Order a pizza while you're waiting.
7) When the muskrat is tender, dine.

Voila: Haut cuisine.

Serve with a strong coffee or tea. I avoid milk in the recipe because it curdles. But done with a Devonshire cream it is little short of ambrosia. "The musk-bag is put between the cloaths in order to preserve them against worms." ('Wild Plums in Brandy' by Boorman and published by McGraw-Hill in 1962.)

That's part of the reason we drink bad beer. :-)