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Posted By: Steve Shaw
11-Mar-16 - 07:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hey canada
Subject: RE: BS: Hey canada
Jesus Christ on a bloody bike, all I said was I take a supply of tea bags. I went to Sicily last year and ate bloody whole octopodes and weird little shrimps and loved every mouthful. I went to Spain and ate raw fish and a seafood paella that even the locals wouldn't eat. Don't give me that patronising you're-an-English-tourist bollocks. Overseas, I go out of my way to eat whatever local stuff is on offer and I'll eat stuff that you lot would turn your noses up at. I'll eat pork of dodgy provenance and slices of cured meat in my salmorejo that look like they're ten years old. I use only local butchers and fishmongers and will not buy frozen or processed food. I'll eat anything and I insist on doing so. All I want is a bleedin' cup of tea fer chrissake. Go and shit on your stereotypes. I ain't one, not by a country mile. Jesus, all I said was that I want a cup of tea. Twats.