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Thread Name: Jean Ritchie - her early recordings
Subject: RE: Jean Ritchie - her early recordings

PLEASE ask questions if anything is unclear, do you understand
the format, abbreviations, etc.?

I would like this document to be useful to researchers,
so please help make it as complete and understandable as possible.

Many thanks to Andy Lanset, WNYC and Matthew Barton, Library of
Congress for their significant contributions to this document.

Many thanks to Peter Muldavin, Kiddie Rekord King, for
Mercury Miniature Playhouse series.

Best wishes, Thomas.

JEAN RITCHIE (December 8, 1922 ? June 1, 2015)   Early Recordings 1945-1959

April, 1946 Renfro Valley Folk Festival, Kentucky.
Artus Moser Recordings (AFC 1948/003)
1. Father Grumble
2. The foggy dew
3. I wonder as I wander
4. I wonder when I shall be married
5. Jesus, Jesus, rest your head
6. Jesus, Jesus, rest your head
7. The old woman and the pedlar
8. Pretty little miss (Gypsy Davie)
9. When I was yet twenty
Sung by Miss Jean Ritchie.

December 14, 1946 Viper, Kentucky
Mary Elizabeth Barnicle-Cadle Recordings Collection (AFC 1977/016). Jean and her sisters Edna, Kitty, and Pauline.
Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head
I Wonder as I Wander - Jean and Pauline Ritchie
One morning, One Morning in May
All around my hat I'll wear a green Willow
I Gave My Love a Cherry
Brightest and Best - Ritchie Sisters
Geordie (with repetition of last line of stanza) Jean Ritchie
Geordie (all verses, without repetition) Jean Ritchie

May, 1948 Columbia University, NY
Concert hosted by Alan Lomax
Jean Ritchie, Hobart Smith, Texas Gladden, Vera Ward Hall, others

MERCURY Miniature Playhouse
   7" 78rpm PS unbreakable circa 1948-49
  JEAN RITCHIE And Her Dulcimer

MERCURY Miniature Playhouse SET MMP 41-7 ROUNDS and ROUNDELAYS
1901B SKIN AND BONES (The Surprise Song) 112-7
1902B THIS OLD MAN 113-7
1903 ARE YOU SLEEPING? [Frere Jacques] 114-7 *

MERCURY Miniature Playhouse SET MMP 40-7
1906A GO TELL AUNT RODIE(sic) [Rhodie] 110-7
1907B LITTLE SHOES 111-7

MERCURY Miniature Playhouse MMP 42-7 Childrens Christmas Carols
1908 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 116-7 *
1908 Little Biddy Baby 116-7
1909 Come All Ye Faithful 117-7 *
1909 There Was a Little Pig Went Out to Dig 117-7
1910 Oh Little Town of Bethlehem 118-7 *
1910 Away in the Manger 118-7
1911 Silent Night 119-7 *
1911 Wassail Song 119-7

1949-50 ALAN LOMAX recordings, New York City
[these recordings are available for listening and research at
Association for Cultural Equity:
Berea College: ]

1 Microphone test                      T1014R01                                  Alan Lomax
2 The Blue-Tail Fly                   T1014R02 [children's song][minstrel song] Alan Lomax
3 Long Time Traveling                  T1014R03 [hymn][religious song]            Jean Ritchie
4 Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow               T1014R04 [hymn][religious song][spiritual]
5 The Day Is Past And Gone             T1014R05 [hymn][religious song]
6 Come Think On Death And Judgment    T1014R06 [hymn][religious song]
7 The White Pilgrim                   T1014R07 [religious song]
8 Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah (I)    T1014R08 [hymn][religious song]
9 Interview with Jean Ritchie about Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
                                       T1014R09 [commentary][spoken] Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
10 Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah (II) T1014R10 [hymn][religious song]            Jean Ritchie
11 I've Got A Mother Gone To Glory    T1014R11 [hymn]
12 When Sorrows Encompass Me Round    T1014R12 [hymn][religious song]
13 Talk/ambience                      T1014R13 [spoken]             Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
14 Mother's Got A Light And Gone To Heaven
                                       T1014R14 [religious song]                  Jean Ritchie
15 Father Get Ready When He Calls You T1014R15 [religious song][sentimental song]
16 Commentary by Jean Ritchie on song genre
                                       T1014R16 [commentary][spoken] Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
17 Brethren, We Have Met To Worship    T1014R17 [hymn][religious song]            Jean Ritchie
18 Afflictions Though They Seem Severe T1014R18 [hymn][religious song]
19 Come Now My Dear Brethren          T1014R19 [hymn][religious song][spiritual]
20 Interview with Jean Ritchie about Come Now My Dear Brethren
                                       T1014R20 [interview][spoken]   Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
21 Jesus Reigns                        T1014R21 [hymn][religious song]            Jean Ritchie
22 Christ Was Born In Bethlehem       T1014R22 [Christmas song][hymn][religious song]
23 The Cherry Tree Carol               T1014R23 [carol][Christmas song]
24 The Wassail Song                   T1014R24 [carol][Christmas song]
25 Brightest And Best                  T1014R25 [carol][Christmas song]
26 May Day Carol                      T1014R26 [carol]
27 Christmas Day In The Morning       T1014R27 [carol][Christmas song]
28 I Saw Three Ships                   T1014R28 [carol][Christmas song]
29 Wondrous Love                      T1014R29 [hymn][religious song]
30 Poor Wayfaring Stranger             T1014R30 [ballad][religious song]

1 Waly, Waly (The Water is Wide) (I)   T1015R01 [love song][lyric song]
2 Waly, Waly (The Water is Wide) (II) T1015R02 [love song][lyric song]
3 Oh, Love Is Teasing                  T1015R03 [love song][lyric song]
4 The Seeds Of Love (I)                T1015R04 [bawdy song][love song]
5 The Seeds Of Love (II)               T1015R05 [bawdy song][love song]
6 Geordie                              T1015R06 [ballad][Child ballad]
7 Old Virginny (I Was Born In East Virginia) T1015R07 [love song]
8 As I Walked Out On A Cold Winter Night    T1015R08 [ballad][love song][lyric song]
9 Barbry Ellen (Barbara Allen) (fragment)    T1015R09 [ballad][Child ballad]
10 I Wonder When I Shall Be Married    T1015R10 [comic song][lyric song]
11 If You Were My True Love And I Were Your Beau
                                       T1015R11 [love song][lyric song]
12 Fair And Tender Ladies             T1015R12 [love song][lyric song]
13 The Cuckoo She's A Pretty Bird      T1015R13 [lyric song]

1 Green Grows The Rushes (Come Sit You Down Upon My Knee) (fragment)
                                       T1019R01 [game song][lyric song]
2 The Raggle Taggle Gypsies (fragment) T1019R02 [ballad][Child ballad]
3 The Gypsum Davy (The Raggle Taggle Gypsies) (fragment)
                                       T1019R03 [ballad][Child ballad]
4 Going Downtown (Don't Care What Ole Massa Say)
                                       T1019R04 [banjo tune][comic song]
5 Interview with Jean Ritchie about Going Downtown
                                       T1019R05 [interview][spoken]   Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
6 Go In And Out The Window             T1019R06 [game song]                      Jean Ritchie
7 Interview with Jean Ritchie about Go In And Out The Window
                                       T1019R07 [interview][spoken]   Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
8 The Grey Goose                      T1019R08 [ballad]                         Jean Ritchie
9 Commentary by Jean Ritchie on The Grey Goose
                                       T1019R09 [commentary][spoken] Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
10 The House Of The Rising Sun         T1019R10 [ballad]                         Jean Ritchie
11 Commentary by Jean Ritchie on The Hebrew Children
                                       T1019R11 [commentary][spoken]
12 The Hebrew Children (The Promised Land) T1019R12 [hymn]
13 Commentary by Jean Ritchie on Here Sits A Young Lady T1019R13 [commentary][spoken]
14 Here Sits A Young Lady             T1019R14 [game song]
15 Commentary by Jean Ritchie on Here Sits A Young Lady and If I Were A Blackbird
                                       T1019R15 [commentary][spoken]
16 If I Were A Blackbird (That Could Whistle And Sing) T1019R16 [ballad][love song][lyric song]
17 Mister McGuire (false start)       T1019R17 [talk/ambience]       Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
18 Mister McGuire (fragment)          T1019R18 [ballad]                         Jean Ritchie
19 Pat O'Brien (There Were Two Loyal Lovers All In Their Youth And Bloom) (fragment)
                                       T1019R19 [ballad][interview]
20 I Am A Traveling Creature          T1019R20 [ballad]
21 I Had A Sister Sally Who Was Younger Than I Am (Don't Let Me Die An Old Maid)
                                       T1019R21 [ballad][comic song]
22 I Love Little Willie (fragment)    T1019R22 [children's song][comic song]
23 The Seven Joys of Mary (I)          T1019R23 [carol][religious song]
24 The Seven Joys of Mary (II)         T1019R24 [carol][religious song]
25 Little Mohee (fragment)             T1019R25 [ballad]
26 Little Musgrave                     T1019R26 [ballad][Child ballad]

1 Goin' to Boston                      T1016R01 [game song]
2 Old Bald Eagle                      T1016R02 [game song]
3 Jubilee                              T1016R03 [game song]
4 Weevily Wheat                        T1016R04 [game song]
5 Old King Cole                        T1016R05 [game song]
6 Jinny Git Around                     T1016R06 [game song]
7 Jimmy Taylor (false start) (I)       T1016R07 [game song]
8 Jimmy Taylor (false start) (II)      T1016R08 [game song]
9 Jimmy Taylor                         T1016R09 [game song]
10 Old Betty Larkin                   T1016R10 [game song]
11 Golden Ring Around The Susan Girl   T1016R11 [game song]
12 Gathering Nuts In May               T1016R12 [game song]
13 Jenny Put The Kettle On             T1016R13 [children's song][nursery rhyme]
14 Among The Little White Daisies      T1016R14 [game song]
15 Old Roger Is Dead                   T1016R15 [game song]
16 Skin And Bones                      T1016R16 [game song]
17 All The Pretty Little Horses       T1016R17 [children's song][lullaby]
18 The Old Woman And The Pig          T1016R18 [baby bouncing song][children's song]
19 Frog Went A-Courtin'                T1016R19 [ballad][children's song][comic song]
20 Old Tyler                           T1016R20 [work song]
21 Nottamun Town                      T1016R21 [children's song][comic song][ritual song]
22 The Little Devils (The Farmer's Curst Wife) T1016R22 [ballad][comic song]
23 Trot-A-Little-Horsie, Go Downtown   T1016R23 [baby bouncing song][nursery rhyme]
24 Swing-A-Song / The Days Are Long / See-saw, Margery Daw
                                       T1016R24 [baby bouncing song][nursery rhyme]
25 William Trimitoe, He's A Good Waterman T1016R25 [finger play song][nursery rhyme]
26 The Swapping Song             T1016R26 [baby bouncing song][children's song][comic song]
27 Interview with Jean Ritchie about The Swapping Song
                                       T1016R27 [interview][spoken]   Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
28 Fair Ellen                         T1017R01 [ballad]                         Jean Ritchie
29 Fair Ellen (continuedI)             T1017R02 [ballad]
30 Fair Ellen (conclusion)             T1017R03 [ballad]
31 Barbry Ellen (Barbara Allen)       T1017R04 [ballad][Child ballad]
32 I've Been A Foreign Lander          T1017R05 [ballad][love song]
33 The Girl I Left Behind             T1017R06 [ballad]
34 Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender (I)   T1017R07 [ballad][Child ballad]
35 Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender (I) (continued) T1017R08 [ballad][Child ballad]
36 Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender (II) T1017R09 [ballad][Child ballad]
37 Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender (III) T1017R10 [ballad][Child ballad]
38 Afflictions Though They Seem Severe T1017R11 [hymn][religious song]
39 O Land Of Rest                      T1017R12 [religious song]

1 The Merry Golden Tree                T1018R01 [ballad][Child ballad]
2 Commentary by Jean Ritchie on The Merry Golden Tree T1018R02 [interview][spoken]
3 Joe Bowers (with commentary) T1018R03 [ballad][interview][spoken] Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
4 I've Been A Foreign Lander          T1018R04 [love song][lyric song]          Jean Ritchie
5 Darling Corey                        T1018R05 [ballad][old-time]
6 The Hangman Song (The Maid Freed From The Gallows) T1018R06 [ballad][Child ballad]
7 My Little Carpenter (The House Carpenter) T1018R07 [ballad][Child ballad]
8 Will The Weaver                      T1018R08 [ballad][comic song]
9 The Darby Ram                        T1018R09 [children's song][comic song][lullaby]
10 The Tree In The Wood                T1018R10 [children's song]
11 Dance To Your Daddy / Hush Little Baby (Mockingbird Song)
                                       T1018R11 [baby bouncing song][children's song][lullaby]
12 Commentary by Jean Ritchie on Dance To Your Daddy / Hush Little Baby
                                       T1018R12 [interview][spoken]   Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
13 Mommy, Buy Me A Big Glass Doll      T1018R13 [children's song][game song]      Jean Ritchie
14 Interview with Jean Ritchie about her relationship with her mother
                                       T1018R14 [interview][spoken]   Alan Lomax, Jean Ritchie
15 My Good Old Man                     T1018R15 [ballad][interview]               Jean Ritchie
16 My Good Old Man (continued)         T1018R16 [ballad][interview]

Radio WNYC December 23, 1949 Christmas Program; FOLKSONG FESTIVAL          WNYC Archive 5802 5802.1
Part one only. Flip side contains opening theme
    Mariah Leech, Editor of the New Standard Dictionary of Folklore; Teresa Brakley, author of section on Christmas Carols; Tom Scott, Jean Ritchie, Dave Sears, Gerry Silberman. Little known songs of the Christmas season. Side 2 -0 Theme for Folksong Festival.-2 takes.

Late 1940s: Mike Cohen and Diana Cohen Wire Recordings (AFC 1980/003). Jean Ritchie recorded on Oscar Brand's Sunday evening radio program "Folk Festival of the Air," WNYC-New York


Radio WNYC January 15, 1950                      WNYC Archive 5774 / 5774.1 ; 6789
THE WEAVERS part 1, Part 2
Brand, Oscar (Host); Guthrie, Woody, 1912-1967; Ritchie, Jean; Weavers (Musical group)

September 1950, New York
Traditional American Folk Songs
Jean Ritchie accompanied by Appalachian dulcimer
BBC Archive 16042, 16043


May 29, 1951 Library of Congress recording studios, Washington, DC
AFS 10089 Jean Ritchie recorded by Herman Norwood
Drowsy sleeper
Guide me, oh thou great Jehovah
Killie Krankie
The foreign lander
(Soldier and) the nightingale
Lonesome turtle dove
Brightest and best
Barbara Allen
Hangman's song
Shady grove
I was born in old Virginny
Play party: Old bald eagle sail around
Come all you fair and tender ladies
The unquiet grave
Loving Hannah
Nottamun town
Soldier won't you marry me
There was an old lord by the northern sea
Oh sister Phoebe
Skin and bones
I've got a mother gone to glory
The little devils

circa 1951
NEW Records NRLP 2005 BALLADS IN COLONIAL AMERICA   10" LP Gramophone Shop Supplement 14 1951
[141 East 44th Street, New York 19 NY]             Music Library Association NOTES 1951
                                                   American Heritage, Volumes 3-4 1951
                                                   NY Folklore Quarterly V.8 1952
                                                 American record guide, Vol.34, No.2 1958
[Music in America - General Direction Dr.Karl Krueger
Editor Dr. Carleton Sprague Smith]
text insert
liner notes C.S.S.
Sung by JEAN RITCHIE                            TV 15430
King Henry V's Conquest of France (Child 164)
The Lamentable Complaint of Queen Mary
    To the tune "Crimson Velver" From the Crown Garland of Golden Roses, 1680
The Duchess of Suffolk's Calamity
      To the tune "Queen Dido"   Crown Garland
[B side sung by TONY KRABER                            TV 15431]

early 1950's [TONY SCHWARTZ recordings, Library of Congress shelf number RXG 053]

recorded before audience
1.        The Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn 1:18 ? Jean Ritchie and Hally Wood, vocals, unidentified, guitar
2.        One Morning In May 2:06 ? Jean Ritchie and Hally Wood, vocals, unidentified, guitar
3.        I Wonder When I Shall Be Married 1:45 (10:30) ? JR & HW, unaccompanied

recorded privately. A woman is heard questioning Jean Ritchie
4. No Sir 1:53 (12:18) ? JR, unaccompanied
5. Sweet Willie 1:14 (14:15) ? JR, unaccompanied
6.Keep the Bachelors Hall :45 (15:30) ? JR, unaccompanied
7. Jesse James :35 JR, unaccompanied

early 1950's [info from Jon Pickow via Jeff Warner]
6 song demo tape - early 1950's   [possibly for KAPP records ??]
"Frank Warner, Hally Wood, Jean Ritchie, Phil Raigule."
"George Pickow recorded it at the Warner's apartment on 7th Ave. South back in the early 50's. (They moved out to Port.Washington. around '55, so it had to have been before that.)"
Keep Your Hand on that Plow
Who's Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
Shortnin' Bread
A Railroader for Me
Red Apple Juice
The Nightingale
a copy of this tape at the Library of Congress has shelf number RXG 054


BOOK: The Swapping Song Book
       Oxford University Press, New York 91 pp
       Henry Z. Walck, Inc. 93 pages : illustrations, music
         Photographs by George Pickow. Piano arrangements by A.K. Fossner and Edward Tripp
Swapping song --
Lazy John --
Tree in the valley-o --
I built my love a big fine house --
Over the river to feed my sheep --
Old Roger is dead --
Jubilee --
Two dukes a-riding --
Shady Grove --
Old soap-gourd --
Old woman and the pig --
Old man in the woods --
Pretty fair miss --
Jackaro --
Ground hog --
Deaf woman's courtship --
Skin and bones --
May carol --
Hush, little baby --
Little bitty baby --
Pretty sang.

STRATFORD Records(Elektra) JH-502                           10" 78rpm 1952
NEW YORK STATE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION JH-502                10" 78rpm 1952
JH-502-A Old Virginny
JH-502-B Jubilee
      Jean Ritchie

ELEKTRA EKL-2 [JH 505]                                  10"-LP 1952
TARTARE(Collectors Choice) 8014                            CD Oct 26, 2010

ELEKTRA FMS-1 A FOLK MUSIC SAMPLER                     10"-LP 1954
ELEKTRA EKL-125   JEAN RITCHIE                              LP 1957
[selections from EKL-2 and EKL-25]
ELEKTRA-FOLKWAYS 9001 THE FOLK BOX                      4-LP 1966
ELEKTRA(UK) EUK 251/2 THE FOLK BOX                     4-LP 1966
ELEKTRA 60402 O LOVE IS TEASIN'                         3-LP 1985 booklet
Anglo-American Mountain Balladry. Edited and notes by Lenny Kaye.
The Jac Holzman Years.
ELEKTRA FM-102                                              CD 2000
[CD available only in paperback edition of 'Follow the Music'
       'A commemorative sampler of Elektra's Pre-rock Era'.]
RHINO HANDMADE RHM2-7867 MOUNTAIN HEARTH and HOME         CD 2004 ltd.ed. 2500 copies
A compilation of songs previously released between 1952 and 1965.

cover art work by George Pickow.
recorded by Edward Tatnall Canby
6 page lyrics booklet(LP)

A1 O Love is Teasin'      EKL-125(A6) FM-102(1) 60402(C1)   RHM2-7867(01)
A2 Jubilee                                        60402(C3)   RHM2-7867(02)
A3 Black is the Color    FMS-1(A1) EKL-125(B7) 60402(C2)   RHM2-7867(03)
A4 A Short Life of Trouble                        60402(D6)   RHM2-7867(04)
A5 One Morning in May                                        RHM2-7867(05)
A6 One Morning in May (version 2)                            RHM2-7867(06)
A7 Old Virginny                      EKL-125(A7) 60402(C4)   RHM2-7867(07)
A8 Skin and Bones                   EKL-125(A8) 60402(C5)   RHM2-7867(08)

B1 The Little Devils                EKL-125(B2) 60402(C6)   RHM2-7867(23) 9001(G8)
B2 My Boy Willie                                              RHM2-7867(09)
B3 Hush Little Baby                               60402(D10) RHM2-7867(10)
B4 Gypsum Davy                                                RHM2-7867(11)
B5 The Cuckoo                        EKL-125(B5) 60402(C7)   RHM2-7867(12)
B6 The Cuckoo (version 2)            EKL-125(B6) 60402(C8)   
B7 Little Cory                                                RHM2-7867(15)
B8 Keep You Garden Clean                                     RHM2-7867(16)


July 1953, Biarritz and Pamplona
made under the auspices of the International Music Council (UNESCO)
in cooperation with The International Folk Music Council, with an introduction by
Ralph Vaughan Williams and Commentary by Douglas Kennedy.
review: Billboard Jan 8, 1955; JAF Vol.69 No.271 (Jan-Mar 1956) pp.95-96
A2 Goin' To Boston
A9 The Cuckoo

Jean Ritchie : vocals, guitar and mountain dulcimer
Liner notes: Cyril Clarke
[Note: 4 tracks on the Argo discs do NOT appear on Westminster]
[ARGO discs reviewed by W.A.Chislett, GRAMOPHONE August 1953]
[WESTMINSTER issued multiple jacket variations
generic Big Ben cover, no notes
single jacket, notes on back - 2 catalog numbers, different cover photo
gatefold jacket ]

ARGO ARL 1012   SONGS FROM KENTUCKY Vol.1                   10" LP 1953
ARGO TM 17                                                 10" LP 1953
WESTMINSTER WP 6037 SONGS FROM KENTUCKY                        LP 1956
WESTMINSTER XWN 18021/RG 17                                     LP 1957 gf

A1 A1 Old Joe Clark
A2 .. The Cuckoo
A3 A2 Oh Soldier, Soldier
A4 A3 Gentle Fair, Jenny
A5 A4 The Turkish Lady
B1 A8 Barbry Ellen
B2 A5 Froggie went a'Courting
B3 A6 Bachelor's Hall
B4 A7 Single Girl
B5 .. John Riley

ARGO ARL 1013   SONGS FROM KENTUCKY Vol.2                  10" LP 1953
ARGO TM 18                                                 10" LP 1953
WESTMINSTER WP 6037 SONGS FROM KENTUCKY                      LP 1956
WESTMINSTER XWN 18021/RG 17                                    LP 1957 gf
A1 B8 Sourwood Mountain
A2 .. The gipsie laddie
A3 A9 Hush little baby
A4 B3 Jackero
A5 B4 Little devils
A6 B5 Pretty Polly
B1 B1 There was an old woman
B2 B2 One morning in May
B3 .. Locks and keys
B4 B7 Christ was born in Bethlehem
B5 B6 Jubilee

Recorded under the auspices of The English Folk Dance and Song Society

HMV B.10544                      10" 78rpm 1953
OEA 17203 - 5A Black-eyed Susie; Going to Boston
JEAN RITCHIE with mountain dulcimer
OEA 17206 - 6A Loving Hannah
JEAN RITCHIE Unaccompanied

HMV B.10545                      10" 78rpm 1953
JEAN RITCHIE with Mountain Dulcimer
JEAN RITCHIE with Guitar

A GARLAND OF MOUNTAIN SONG-songs from the repertoire of the Ritchie family of Viper, Kentucky.
Edited with notes by Jean Ritchie; piano accompaniment by Hally Wood Gordon;
Foreword by Alan Lomax
Philip J. Thomas Popular Song Collection.
New York, Broadcast Music Inc. [1953]   69 pages illustrations

Love is teasin' -- If I were a blackbird -- Black is the color of my true love's hair -- Aunt Sal's song -- The little devils -- Skin and bones -- Old Tyler -- Gentle fair Jenny -- Nottamun Town -- Old King Cole -- Jenny put your kettle on -- Old Betty Larkin -- Goin' to Boston -- Will, the weaver -- Old Virginny -- The drowsy sleeper -- Little Cory -- Jenny get around -- Barb'ry Ellen -- Joe Bowers -- Hiram Hubbard -- Christ was born in Bethlehem -- May carol -- Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah


COLLECTOR limited edition CLE 1201 FIELD TRIP             LP 1954
[43 West 45th Street, New York, N.Y., A Gordon-Pickow production.]
GREENHAYS 726                                              CD 2001
"Jean Ritchie compares her family songs with variants she recently recorded in the field, during a Fulbright scholarship tour through Scotland, Ireland, and England"

A1 Pretty Polly               Judy Collins / Traditional          Jean Ritchie 2:49
A2 On the Banks of Red Roses Scotland / Jean Ritchie & Others    Ella Ward 2:25
A3 Cuckoo's Nest (Scotland)   Traditional                         Jimmy MacBeath 1:12
A4 The Cuckoo                Clarence Ashley / Traditional       Jean Ritchie 1:29
A5 Bog Down in the Valley    Ireland                              Seamus Ennis 2:44
A6 Tree in the Valley-O                                           Jean Ritchie 2:47
A7 Barbara Allen             Scotland                            Jimmy Stewart 2:56
A8 Barbara Allyn             Ireland                              Elizabeth Cronin 2:15
A9 Barbry Ellen               Traditional                         Jean Ritchie 2:25
B1 Froggy Went A-Courting    Traditional                         Jean Ritchie 4:22
B2 Uncle Frog Went Out to Ride Ireland                            Seamus Ennis 2:53
B3 Orange and Lemon          Jean Ritchie & Others                Dianne Endicott 1:26
B4 Needle's Eye                                                    Jean Ritchie 1:06
B5 Maid in Her Father's Garden                                     Elizabeth Cronin 0:24
B6 A Pretty Fair Miss                                              Jean Ritchie 2:44
B7 Bonaparte's Retreat       Ireland Pee Wee King Redd Stewart   Johnny Pickering 3:39
                              Jean Ritchie & Others
B8 Bonaparte's Retreat       Pee Wee King / Redd Stewart          Jean Ritchie 1:19
B9 Derry Gaol                Ireland                              Sarah Makem 1:03
B10 The Hangman Song                                              Jean Ritchie 4:03
B11 When My Apron It Hung Low   Scotland                           Jeannie Robertson 1:54
B12 Careless Love             Public Domain / W.C. Handy /       Jean Ritchie 3:29
                               Martha E. Koenig / Spencer Williams

ELEKTRA EKL-22 [JH 526 A/B] COURTING SONGS          10" LP 1954
ELEKTRA EKL-122   COURTIN'S A PLEASURE                   LP 1957
[side A contains EKL-22, minus 2 songs; Side B from EKLP-12 Tom Paley]
ELEKTRA 60402 O Love is Teasin'                      3-LP 1985
Anglo-American Mountain Balladry

Jean Ritchie and Oscar Brand - "Courting Songs"
12 page lyrics booklet.

A1 Hey, Little Boy                   JR OB   EKL-122(A1) 60402(E1)
A2 I Wonder When I Shall Be Married JR OB   EKL-122(A2) 60402(E2)
A3 My Love is a Rider      
A4 The Keys of Cantebury             JR OB   EKL-122(A3) 60402(E3)
A5 A Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn JR OB   EKL-122(A4) 60402(E4)
A6 Hog Drovers                      JR OB   EKL-122(A5) 60402(E5)

B1 Lazy John                         JR OB   EKL-122(A6) EKL-223(C3) 60402(E6)
B2 Aunt Sal's Song                   JR                   EKL-223(C2)
B3 Kansas Boys                               EKL-122(A7)
B4 My Good Old Man                   JR OB   EKL-122(A8) 60402(E7)
B5 Paper of Pins                     JR OB   EKL-122(A9) 60402(E8)
B6 No, Sir                           JR OB   EKL-122(A10) 60402(E9)

C5 Two Dukes A-Riding - Jean Ritchie and Oscar Brand
C6 Old Shoe Boots and Leggings - Jean Ritchie

ELEKTRA SMP-2 Elektra Folk Sampler                           LP 1958
ELEKTRA EKL-125 JEAN RITCHIE                                 LP 1957
[selections from EKL-2 and EKL-25]
ELEKTRA SMP-2 ELEKTRA FOLK SAMPLER                           LP 1958
ELEKTRA-FOLKWAYS 9001 THE FOLK BOX                         4-LP 1966
ELEKTRA(UK) EUK 251/2                                     4-LP 1966
RHINO 74264 WASHINGTON SQUARE MEMOIRS:                     3-CD 2001 72p illus bk
The Great Urban Folk Boom, 1950-1970   
notes by Jac Holzman & Cary Ginell
ELEKTRA 60402 O LOVE IS TEASIN'                            3-LP 1985 booklet
Anglo-American Mountain Balladry. Edited and notes by Lenny Kaye.
The Jac Holzman Years.
ELEKTRA FM-102                                              CD 2000
[CD available only in paperback edition of 'Follow the Music'
       'A commemorative sampler of Elektra's Pre-rock Era'.]
RHINO HANDMADE RHM2-7867 MOUNTAIN HEARTH and HOME          CD 2004 ltd.ed. 2500 copies
A compilation of songs previously released between 1952 and 1965.

Jean Ritchie - "Kentucky Mountain Songs"
Production: Jac Holzman
cover art by George Pickow.
12 page lyrics booklet.

A1 Cedar Swamp             EKL-125(A1) 60402(C9) RHM2-7867(16)
A2 Nottamun Town SMP-2(A7) EKL-125(A2) 60402(C10) RHM2-7867(17) 9001(E6) Rhino 74264(1.04)
A3 The Hangman Song         EKL-125(A3) 60402(D1) RHM2-7867(18)
A4 O Sister Phoebe          EKL-125(A4) 60402(D2) RHM2-7867(19)
A5 False Sir John          EKL-125(A5) 60402(D3) RHM2-7867(20)
A6 Dulcimer Pieces (Shady Grove / Old King Cole / Skip to My Lou)
    FM-102(1, Shady Grove) EKL-125(A9) 60402(D4) RHM2-7867(21)
B1 Bachelor's Hall          EKL-125(B1) 60402(D5) RHM2-7867(22)
B2 The Girl I Left Behind
B3 Jemmy Taylor-O          EKL-125(B4) 60402(D7) RHM2-7867(25)
B4 Killy Kranky             EKL-125(B3) 60402(D8) RHM2-7867(24)
B5 Lonesome Dove
B6 Old Woman and Pig       EKL-125(B8) 60402(D9) RHM2-7867(26)
B7 The Little Sparrow       EKL-125(B9) 60402(D11)
B8 Goin' to Boston          EKL-125(B10) 60402(D12) RHM2-7867(27)


OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, vi, 282 pages illustrations, genealogical table

Mar 15, 1955 WABC
Mary Margaret McBride talks about "Singing Family" by Jean Ritchie.

Mar 15, 1955 WNYC                  WNYC archives id: 71233   18:32-34:42
Books and Authors Luncheon: Walter Henry Thompson, Jean Ritchie, and Telford Taylor

Van Doren introduces Ritchie, who talks about her childhood in Kentucky, music, and her book "Singing Family of the Cumberlands."
Jean Ritchie introduces each song, which she performs on a dulcimer.
"Barbry Ellen,"
"The Little Devils" [The Devil and the Farmer's Wife, CHILD 278]
a short Baptist hymn
"Hop Around, Skip Around Old Betty Larkin."

November 1955
ESOTERIC ES-538 SHIVAREE!                            LP 1955   Billboard Jan 14, 1956
The bride-Jean Ritchie
The groom-Oscar Brand
The best man-Tom Paley
The married couple-Harry & Jeanie West
("The Ensemble" Tom Paley, Harry & Jeanie West)
Notes by Oscar Brand
Recorded by Jerry Newman
Cover design Cynthis Pennell
Photographs George Pickow
Side One (F8-OP-4575)                  
1 Cripple Creek                The Ensemble
2 A Farmer's Wife               Jean Ritchie
3 Good Peanuts                  Oscar Brand
4 Medley(Bile Them Cabbage Down/Joe Clark/Pretty Little Willow)
                                 The Ensemble                           
5 Bury Me Beneath The Willow    Harry & Jeanie West
6 Down The Old Plank Road       Tom Paley
7 The Devil's Nine Questions      Jean Ritchie & Oscar Brand
8 Shortnin' Bread               Jean Ritchie and ensemble
9 I Wish I Was Single Again    Oscar Brand and Ensemble
Side Two (F8-OP-4576)
1 Roll On The Ground          Tom Paley and Ensemble
2 Blackest Crow                Jean Ritchie
3 Devilish Mary                Oscar Brand
4 Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow    Harry & Jeanie West
5 Railroad Bill                Tom Paley
6 Billy Boy (My Boy Billy)    Jean Ritchie & Oscar Brand
7 Arkansas Traveler            Tom Paley, Oscar Brand & Harry West, fiddle
8 Raise a Ruckus (Tonight)    The Ensemble

[this LP is extracted from the Esoteric album]
Jean Ritchie & Oscar Brand
A1 The devil's nine questions (2:41)    JR & OB
A2 A farmer's wife (1:20)                JR
A3 The good peanuts (2:40)               OB
A4 Shortnin' bread (1:12)                JR and Ensemble                  
A5 Cripple Creek (1:13)                  The Ensemble
B1 Devilish Mary (2:00)                  OB
B2 The blackest crow (1:30)             JR
B3 I wish I was single again (2:25)      OB and Ensemble
B4 My boy Billy (2:00)                   JR & OB
B5 Raise a ruckus (1:30).                The Ensemble

TV: WIDE WIDE WORLD - Host Dave Garroway
    Ritchie Family Reunion Christmas 1955
    on youtube:   21:50


SOUNDBOOK 1020 GOLDEN SLUMBERS                           10" LP 1956
CAEDMON CB 1                                              10"-LP 1966   
CAEDMON TC 1399                                              LP 1972
HARPER AUDIO ISBN: 9780898451047; ISBN10: 0898451043;         CS 1996
A4 Prettiest boy in the county-O (Jean Ritchie)   TC-1399(B1)
A5 Dance to your Daddy (Jean Ritchie)             TC-1399(A6)