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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
13-Mar-16 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump
Subject: RE: BS: Trump
You're right! least Thatcher didn't send and receive classified government correspondence, jeopardizing their national security, so she could profit, for speeches!!

..and Acme, there a LOT of Democrats voting for Trump....some, I suspect to have him run against Hillary...and some because they're fed up with Obama, though a Democrat, though half black, because he's been a corporate guy masquerading as a benevolent champion of God only knows what!

What we have in THIS election is a battle(maybe) of the mega-billionaires...and corporation/bankers...and let's not overlook that Soros, a MAJOR funder of 'Move On' is battling with Trump over CONTROL!!...It's not for is just a stepping stone to power and control.

Trump AND Hillary are both just ego driven power mongols...both of them share the highest rating in both their 'parties' for un-trustworthiness, and highest ratings for being liars!!!

....and like a bunch of brain-dead dupes, their respected parties flock around them....because they see them as 'ELECTABLE'!!!

That, itself, is the biggest shame to this country, and certainly adds dimension to the word 'STUPID'.....but face it, both parties, as well as people in here, have an ingrained bad habit, of looking the other way, and supporting corruption, instead of standing up against it........therefore, you got what you deserved....the sad thing is, you take down a lot of innocent citizens. and screw things up for everyone!!!