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Posted By: GUEST,Pete from seven stars link
21-Mar-16 - 09:07 AM
Thread Name: BS: Norway Leads The Way
Subject: RE: BS: Norway Leads The Way
On the other thread Steve qualified his not knowing, when I questioned it, by saying he was 99.9 etc sure he don't exist. Here , he does not qualify that he almost certainly and conclusively rejects a belief in a God.    He further claims that believing is against reason and evidence,   However, the Christian creationist position has nothing in it that opposes observational science , apart from the miraculous which is an addition to how the world normally works and not a denial of it.   Steves belief system however, necessitates believing things that according to observationaly testable science cannot happen unless there is SOMEONE to make it happen. Not only so, but devotion to that belief system causes him to reject the occams razor like conclusions of science that don't tally with that belief system.