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Posted By: The Sandman
23-Mar-16 - 03:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Norway Leads The Way
Subject: RE: BS: Norway Leads The Way
What is very clear to me is that there few people who believe in the spirit of good ness, and more people who are evil, many politicians are evil people who abuse other people who exploit others and put in to practice evil policies that protect the very wealthy and are not good for many people in society.
Musket calls me a dangerous nutter, musket is a misguided fool, I do not go around abusing people or murdering people or implementing policies that protect the very wealthy.
I earn my living as a musician, and I give up a lot of my time to run a folk festival
if that constitutes being a dangerous nutter, then we need more dangerous nutters, meanwhile people are causing violence, innocent people are the victims of murdering bombing sexually abusing raping, that is truly evil, of course they are not dangerous nutters are they , no dangerous nutters run folk festivals dont they Musket?, you need to cop on Musket.