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Posted By: Steve Shaw
23-Mar-16 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Norway Leads The Way
Subject: RE: BS: Norway Leads The Way
The nearest to a reasonable explanation of telepathy is that, under conditions of great stress or physical pain, the brain can transmit feelings/ alarm/ fear.
These transmissions can be focused on someone extremely close emotionally to the sender. Certainly that is what happened on the three occasions that I have experienced what I suppose to be mental telepathy.
I don't think it could ever be replicated under "scientific conditions".

I don't want the nearest thing to a reasonable explanation. I want a reasonable explanation, or a hypothesis, even if it later proves to be wrong. The "explanation" you provide here is not an explanation at all. It is mere conjecture. Guesswork. A flight of the vulnerable imagination. Unsupportable. If it can't be replicated under scientific conditions then it hasn't, as you earlier informed us, been "verified" at all. I must say, I'm grievously disappointed. The game-changing scientific breakthrough you led us to expect turns out to be the biggest damp squib since Adam were a lad. I shall assist you now by providing the null hypothesis, expressed in the immortal words of Jim Royle: