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Posted By: gnu
23-Mar-16 - 05:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Well, well, well... I got a Facebook message request from Dale! Apparently, he is alive and not in jail. Unless they allow posts from mobile in lockup. It just said, "Hey buddy, it's me Dale." I didn't accept the message. Dale ain't my cup a tea, so to speak. LH knows of what I speak. Dale is Shane on steroids+. Ya got rednecks and ya got good ol boys. Then, there's Kent County good ol boy rednecks. Best ta keep clear a that there eh?

Dale... so tough ya could drive him inta rough ground. Brought up in the fly infested bog country of Kent County, new Brunswick. Last time I saw him, he was at my camp and wanted help with a moose. His arms were covered in blood beyond the elbows. I, for reasons I will not get into, declined by saying I had one hour to get home to tend to Mum as per my schedule and I left my camp (camp #3 in 6 camp cluster; Dale's camp was #6). I sold it a while later for reasons which included being a "neighbour" of Dale. Subsequently, NB DNR bulldozed Dale's camp for Game Law and Outfitter infractions. I told many stories about Dale and Del and Daisy in Mudcat. Only difference between Shane and Dale... Dale is real... and fuckin dangerous... scary! A lot more dangerous than Shane. I SEEN it.