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Posted By: Steve Shaw
24-Mar-16 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Norway Leads The Way
Subject: RE: BS: Norway Leads The Way
Well it's like believing in God. You needn't waste your time trying to persuade someone that there's probably no God and that they're deluded. People of a particular mindset see magic in ordinary coincidences and have a penchant for choosing the most improbable explanation possible for the ordinary things they see as mysteries. I live in a house in the middle of nowhere. There are noises going on all night. It'll be jackdaws, or the wind, or a lamb, or a blue tit crashing into the window, or a moth in the bedroom, or a brown owl, or a fox, or cats having a scrap. Or is it a ghost, a goblin, a fairy... When the ordinary is TOO ordinary for you, the normal might as well become the outlandish. It's OK to believe in telepathy. It simply makes you a harmless fool. All we can do is keep asking you for your evidence.

"Would you be convinced if someone wrote down what they thought they had "received" and posted it to themself, and kept it sealed until such time it was confirmed by another party, or events?"

At 6.41pm on 21 March I set out the conditions I need in order to be convinced. I could add in this case that I'd also need to eliminate the potential for fraud.