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Posted By: gnu
24-Mar-16 - 07:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Yeah, LH. Wild bunch up there in tha back country. Camp #1 in the cluster was owned by some lads from eastern Kent County. They found a "patch" on the other side of the river. Drove all over it with their four wheelers on accounta them fellers didn't care fer that kinda farmin eh? There is an old ford near Camp #2 and that is where they crossed on there 4X4s. Well, when ya mow down a patch, ya get that there "smell" on yer tires and this here fellah what owned the patch and fed his family from the proceeds just followed the trail tracks like a hound dog and confronted them and demanded compensation which they just laughed at. Now, that's not a good idea iffin ya know anything about good ol Kent County Boys.

Next time they went across the ford, funny thing happened. They all got flat tires. Seems someone threw a bunch a smashed up beer bottles in tha river. They had a helluva time getting back ta camp. By the time they got back, the camp had a new name... Camp Charcoal.

Now... all that is just a story... just a rumour... fantasy. I made it all up just for a lark. For entertainment.

Just don't try to cross the ford in front of Camp #2 or in the shallows that are kitty-corner from Camp #6 unless you know where to go.