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24-Mar-16 - 08:30 PM
Thread Name: Hank Williams & plagiarism
Subject: RE: Hank Williams & plagiarism
Here is another 2 tunes that ended up in a lawsuit
(When you wore a tulip a big yellow tulip and I wore a big red rose)

(When you drove a Buick a big yellow Buick and I drove a little red Ford) Same Chords Same tune

Gene Autry and Jimmie Rodgers had a couple of clashes over some tunes that was settled with a hand shake

Another tune Blown In The Wind believed to be written by a Negro in 1863 during the Civil War and then came out as a new song in 1963

If you shut your eyes and lean back and listen you can her this Negro
asking many roads will a man walk down
How many seas will the white dove sail
How many years will the cannon ball fly before it's forever banned
How many times will a man look up
How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry

How many years will a MT exist
before it is washed to the sea
How many years will people exist before they are allowed to be free

Try it sometime with your eyes closed and relaxed you can hear this Negro asking for answes and peace