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Posted By: Musket
25-Mar-16 - 07:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Norway Leads The Way
Subject: RE: BS: Norway Leads The Way
Not quite Raggy. Keith was trying to say that entanglement had cause and effect. Utter nonsense and trying to put quantum mechanics into Newtonian ideals. There is no cause and effect, entanglement is pure indeterminate till observed and observing causes result. None of us were born when Heisenberg determined as such. Quantum mechanics has been based on such things ever since.

It's the sort of concept in the jacket cover of Quantum Mechanics for Idiots. If you can't grasp it, don't bother reading further till you can. If state and observation is too difficult, not much point in reading the Topsy and Tim guide to wave / particle duality...,

I know I moan about what schools churn out these days but is there any bloody wonder?

Although just like Michael in the other thread, trying to make me look a twat seems so important to them, perhaps we should just suspend reality and let them get on with it?

It's almost as funny as a post further up saying their telepathy has been verified. Random words by weird people.

No pete. Nobody is fascinated by stamp collecting but if philatelists tried to push their hobby into law in the same way God botherers do, I would have been doing an impersonation of a penny black with a huge arse instead of, as I did less than an hour ago, my take of Jesus on a rubber cross.