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02-Apr-16 - 06:20 AM
Thread Name: Groves of Boho
Subject: RE: Groves of Boho
Interesting that Linnets are mentioned in the song. There is a Linnet Inn ("McKenzie's") at Boho. I spent some unscheduled time there one day in May 2014 when my car broke down (the staff were very helpful and eventually I managed to find a mechanic who towed the car home although I had to stay at my cousins house that night).

There are caves in the nearby limestone, though these are not open to the public; it is about 10 miles from the better-known Marble Arch Caves, which are open to the public.

Knockmore mentioned above is a large conspicuous cliff-walled limestone hill (over 900 feet high), visible for miles around. A few miles to the south, and not far from Boho, is "Noons Hole", apparently the deepest pot hole in Ireland (not open to the public and only experienced pot holers/cavers should enter it, preferably with others). I know nothing about caving but know that they can be dangerous as the water level can rise suddenly without warning (since you are below ground, you won't know if there has been a downpour above ground until it is too late). Some years ago, the brother of a young woman who I knew slightly was drowned when he was caught in a cave above Marble Arch following a flash flood. Sadly, they were never able to retrieve his body (though I believe there was a service at the mouth of the cave).