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02-Apr-16 - 08:42 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: here we go loopy loo
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: here we go loopy loo
I thought it was a Miss Adrienne (at present I can't rememer her surname, but have a vague mental picture of a youngish woman with dark, possibly curly, hair, but not too long - like a schoolteacher) did the Northern Ireland version of "Romper Room", but may be wrong. I think the introduction went:

Romper, Bomper, Stomper, Boo
Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me, Do
Magic Mirror, tell me today
Did my friends have fun at play?

After this she would say something like "I can see Johnny, and I can see Mary, and I can see Tommy, and I can see Betty..." (these names are hypothetical but in those pre-hippy days nobody named their kids Moonchild or Starburst, let alone Kylie, Jason, etc).

Isn't it annoying how one can remember trivia from over 50 years ago, but can't remember important things like where I left my car keys a few minutes ago!