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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
07-Apr-16 - 09:22 AM
Thread Name: Groves of Boho
Subject: RE: Groves of Boho
Hello, #. I'm sending my new tune in for posting here. My experience is that Google Chrome won't play it; when I click, it merely wants to save it in My Documents. However, Internet Explorer will play it or save it.

It's long (4 verses) because Line 3 may vary enough that it calls for modifications in the notes. I folk-processed the poem some, and here are my lyrics:

1.When I was young, my life was glad as Mur-lo's croon-ing streams.
Each mor-ning was a spark-ling joy and ev'-ry day a dream.
Oh, ma-ny was the hour I spent while yet the sun was low
and list-ened to the lin-net rare that charms the groves of Boho.

2.I knew the ma-vis of Mo-nea, the black-bird of Strath-gar,
the le-ve-rock of Car-roo, the gol-die of Glen-var.
Of all the birds in bush or sky that sang so long a-go
none could com-pare the lin-net rare that charms the groves of Boho.

3.I knew a white-washed ca-bin be-side a pur-ling stream.
I knew a ro-sy cheeked col-leen as bright as mor-ning beams.
I knew a hun-dred thou-sand joys that o'er my life did flow
as the love-ly lit-tle lin-net charms the sha-dy groves of Boho.

4.I wan-dered east, I wan-dered west, I wan-dered far and near,
the lit-tle lin-net's plain-tive voice still plea-ding in my ear.
Still cal-ling, cal-ling, cal-ling "Why do you wan-der so?
Why leave this hap-py hap-py wood? Come back, come back to Boho."

5.Please god, I'll bind my bun-dle up and cut a stout black-thorn.
The ri-sing sun will meet me on the road to-mor-row morn.
"Fare-well," I'll cry and wave my hand, "Fare-well to gil-ded woe!
'The wealth I seek's, a sing-ing heart and the lin-et's lilt in Boho."
The dashes are there because they needed in a music program.

#, if we both sign in, I could send you a jpg.